We at Adventures On Horseback offer a horseback riding experience on horses that are gentle, kind, beautiful and healthy.


Our Head Wranglers have a dozen years of experience taking people down the trail. Their passion for history of our local lands is a treat in itself; ride and listen as they tell you about those who came before and rode the trails long before you. Lisa, our Lady Wrangler, grew up with horses and has never been without them; she can tell you about all the flowers and plants you ride through. Dave, who has been riding for about 10 years has ridden with us internationally! His love for the horse is apparent in his Californio Vaquero style.


All of our wranglers and all of our horses are very experienced; you will feel comfortable riding with Adventures On Horseback.

It is our vision to keep the west alive, one rider at a time!


We offer good horses and great riding experiences to those who wish to saddle-up and hit the trail. We also invite those who have your own horses to join us at Adventures On Horseback.


Come have some fun and let us take care of you in style! Escape with us to an Adventure On Horseback, you'll be glad you did!